Inside The Home with Malin Holmudd – Part 1

Interior styling is something I think can really allow a person get to know you and and your family, and portray a unique sense of homeliness. We have teamed up with Swedish interior stylist Malin Holmudd to bring you a look inside some of Sweden’s chicest family homes, and get an insight into their inhabitants lives and style. Malin believes that the environments we are in can affect our mindset in so many ways, and her aim as an interior designer to influence people’s lives through function and aesthetic in a positive way.

Styling with Malin Holmudd – House 1 – Måns and Annika

Family members: – Måns, Annika and their 4 children

Occupations: Måns – Carpenter, Annika – Psychiatrist nurse 

House size: 96m²

Year built: 1965

malin holmudd interview1 annika

Describe how the apartment/house looked the first time you saw it? Why did you choose this to be your home? 

Very 60-70s. Dark panels and see weed wallpaper. Kitchen tiles were orange, dark green and brown. great neighbour, close to the ocean.

What changes have you made since you moved in?

A lot in the decor but kept the architecture of the house. Painted the walls, took down the panels. Remade the kitchen.

malin holmudd interview1 annika

malin holmudd interview1 annika

What is the best thing about the house?

Despite the small size of the house and the rooms it’s very well planned. And the big windows let in a lot of light

How would you describe your home?

For us it’s important that it feels personal. If it’s a vase from a second hand shop or a designer lamp doesn’t matter. The clutter and mix of it makes it a home and not a showroom. 

How would you describe your style? How did you create it?

I like to mix and and if I really want something I ask my husband to build it./annika

What are you most proud of in your home?

We are most proud of the atmosphere and the cosy feeling.

malin holmudd interview1 annika

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture?

The y chair that a inherited from my mom /annika

Any material or wood that you prefer?

In furniture I prefer oak or ash/ Måns

What is your next project in this house?

Since the kids are getting older we want to build a small house(friggebod) out back so they can come and sleep over when they move away from home.

malin holmudd interview1 annika

Interior styling: Malin Homudd & Nilla Walther

Photography: Miguel Varanda

We will have more interior goodness from Malin Holmudd in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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