Top Looks from Fashion Week Stockholm

One week has passed since the last day of Fashion Week in Stockholm and here are my favorite looks from this season.

Let’s take them in alphabetical order because that’s the kind of person I am, yep.

Björn Borg – give me this coat pleeease. What’s a greater combination than sportswear and a fancy coat? I tell ya, none.


This dress from By Malina for my “post wedding day brunch” maybe?


I also looove pajamas and comfy clothes, but who doesn’t? And the fact that you can just wake up and be fabulous, thank you for that Diana Orving.


This dress is everything, Emelie Janrell. Nuff said.


This man was just so fab walking down the catwalk dressed in Johannes Adele from Swedish Fashion Talents.


Suit up! Ping HOPE


Thanks to Jennifer Blom I can have this one at my rehearsal dinner.


Me too, Lazoschmidl.


So I recently started watching the OC all over again and I just wanna have this look from Rodebjer and go sit on the beach in Orange County.


I want to STAND up and dance in this dress. Something you may have noticed is that I prefer long sleeves.


Waaah this look(!), mom I’m coming for your closet. Ping Stockholms Auktionsverk


They say I have dark humor but this one for a funeral? Ping Stylein


Just let me walk around with a chair so I can sit down whenever I want. Ping The Swedish School of Textiles


I’m going home to cut up old denim and sew them together differently, with inspiration from Valerie.


WHYRED you’re awesome so you get two looks.



This may not be a “look” per se, but it’s basically what my living room looks like. My weak link has always been shoes and bags… I loved what ATP Atelier did at Svenskt Tenn.

Pics from

And L’HOMME ROUGE, one word: AMEN.

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Over and out! TGIF (thank God it’s fuckday)