Mistakes, No-gender and No-season at Hope SS18

Day 2 of Fashion Week in Stockholm and we get new hope.

At Hope’s SS18 presentation, Head of Design Frida Bard introduced the show with a few words. This collection has a season-neutral approach, it is not about spring and summer, even if the words ‘SS18 collection’ might suggest that thought. Instead, the collection aims to fit all seasons – and also due to the people of Stockholms’ ability (read lack of inspiration?) to always dress the same no matter season.

Hope SS18 focuses on the individuality and strength, and is inspired by mistakes. What happens within the gaps of what’s expected. What used to be normal no longer is the norm. 

Hope has for a while worked a lot with the no-gender thought (their way of labeling both men and women’s sizes on the same clothes for example) and this season continues to address the issues of gender inequality.

The design team has worked a lot with classic tailoring and at the same time combined this with loose and drapey layers, and fluid fabrics. The collections feature classics such as the car coat and the double-breasted blazers as well as some more utilitarian pieces.

Hope offered a focus on shoulders, layers and interesting material combinations. Some looks were much stronger than others, but the entire collection was still cohesive and wearable.

Good setup and casting, as always – Diversity and long-lasting pieces, thank you Hope.


Images courtesy of fashionweek.se