Ida Klamborn AW17 Campaign

IDA KLAMBORN AW17 campaign is finally here!

The Ida Klamborn AW17 campaign is fronted by Gun Linqvist, an intelligent, opinionated, charismatic and hot lady of 77 years. She is the grandmother of the campaign stylist Tereza Ortiz. The campaign is photographed in Guns’ home and in the garden surrounding her house, which is beautifully located along a watercourse.

Ida Klamborn has always used her collections and clothes to express feminism and girl power – and used politics as a clear element from the very start. Prior to the season’s collection, Klamborn has focused on a more female silhouette with beautiful details. Feels right in time to emphasize pink tones which run through the collection. All the cool slip dresses that Klamborn presents already feel like the girl power trend of this season. But with her touch on it, we finally have a collection of feminine-coded clothing that has the power elements we’ve been longing for.

Ida Klamborn AW17


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