DECEMBER NINETEEN reflects a sense of effortless and timeless elegance, focusing on luxurious quality and perfect fit. Producing two womenswear collections a year, plus a capsule collection for Ramadan, the Dubai-based brand fuses Scandinavian aesthetics with Eastern influences to modern effect.

Let’s have a look at the first and oncoming collection (I want every single look, thank you) and get to know the brand a little bit better! We had the pleasure of asking the founder and creative director Linda Bruun Lancin a few questions about the brand and her thoughts on Scandinavian fashion vs. Middle Eastern fashion.

DECEMBER NINETEEN was founded by Linda Bruun Lacin, she’s born and raised in Denmark but moved to Dubai, UAE in 2010. While pursuing her styling career, Linda discovered a gap in the market for understated wardrobe essentials with impeccable quality and found herself encouraged to create a collection fit for both the Scandinavian and Middle Eastern markets, cultures, and tastes.

The brand is named after its birthday. ”I like keeping things real”, Linda says. She herself has a background in interior and fashion styling, and she still takes on styling gigs from time to time. She considers it her “free space” where her curiosity and constant need for aesthetic balance get challenged.

She started working full time in fashion when she was 16, she describes it as a non glamorous job back then but she still enjoyed every aspect of it as she was working her way up. Her fashion interest came from her mother, who thought her, at a very young age, about quality and appreciating people’s hard work and talent when it comes to design.

December Nineteen

DECEMBER NINTEEN was both established and will be launched during 2017. She describes the past years as busy without a doubt. But even though the brand was both established and will be launched in one year it’s something that has been in process for the past 5 years.

”I have been analyzing friends, family and the market for a long time. Which styles do I keep seeing over and over again? Which styles can I expect to see both my Mother and my girlfriends wearing and so on.” – Linda

This made her realize that there are so few good styles out there which you can keep forever and when you finally find something you love, you wish it came in more colours or even better materials. With all these things in mind and after sourcing the right supplier, she was finally ready to get started.

Where she finds her inspiration really depends, she thinks inspiration can come in many forms. History and culture inspire her a lot, along with fashion editorials from Italy and Scandinavia in particular. The inspiration for the first collection comes from Linda’s past seven years in the Middle East, ”seeing and living in such a different world compared to Scandinavia really inspired me to create something beautiful and different while taking the culture and lifestyle down here into consideration.” she says.

”Scandinavian fashion is definitely much more minimalistic compared to Middle Eastern style but both are concerned with quality and fit. Middle Eastern women are now experimenting with their style a lot more these days and introducing more minimalistic looks with pops of colour and prints, which references Scandi style. In terms of the collection, I looked at the old Middle Eastern traditions, even Bedouin culture and took those warm and somewhat rough unpolished elements and tightened it by implementing the more dusty and minimalistic behavior of the Scandinavian countries. Here the balance is really the essence.”

December NineteenDecember Nineteen

When asked if she ever fears that a full focus on essentials and classics will get boring she says that it will never get boring to her. ”Essentials might have a slightly negative sound to it, but it really doesn’t mean that the silhouettes are boring or lack interesting details. It just means that it’s the staple pieces for every women wardrobe that never goes out of style.” 

She describes the DECEMBER NINETEEN girl as honest with very high expectations when it comes to quality. She always invests in timeless pieces which elevate her wardrobe. She is a trendsetter with effortless and confident style.

December Nineteen

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