Handbag Line by Byredo

Everyone’s fave Swedish fragrance brand BYREDO is about to launch their first handbag line, how exciting?!?!

BYREDO’s collection will include 54 handbags, six wallets, three clutch bags and a credit card holder. All of them are manufactured in Italy and made entirely in French calfskin, lizard and python.

Ben Gorham, the founder of BYREDO, can now add handbag designer to his resume, because yes, he designs all of the handbags himself. Since the brand is built up essentially as a beauty company, Gorham created a team together with people from bag giants as Louis Vuitton, Hermés and Dior. They will work with production and quality control to be able to handle everything in the right way and get the perfect quality.

The price point for the bags is at 1,000$, with the priciest one going for 3,200$. The bags will launch on September 28 (so start saving up you guys!).

With Gorams strategy to do everything really well, we can only imagine how amazing these bags will be. And one can only hope for BYREDO to also make a clothing line in the future.

Byredo Handbags 2017

Images: BOF.