Be a Voice Not an Echo

So, some reflections of Fashion Week Stockholm SS18.

Another Fashion Week has come and gone. And as always when these three hectic days come to an end, you are quite exhausted and your bed or sofa becomes your best friend for a day or two. It is then you also get a chance to properly reflect on what you actually got to see.

In the moment, when you are at a show, waiting for the models to come down the runway your mind is often set on being “wowed”. It is first afterward when the dust has settled you actually can appreciate and contemplate on the details and meanings that have been presented.

So now, when the dust actually has settled. What is our perception of the last days?

Well, as you know, when looking at the fashion industry just as a part of the wheel of the consumption it’s a bit of a sad story. That’s why it is so important to use the industry as a cultural zone for expression and where conventions and prevailing norms can be questioned. And I’m glad to say that the Swedish fashion scene is one of the better ones at doing this. 

This season we could find at least four reoccurring themes that challenged some kind of conservative norms.



  • Hope presented a show with no gender nor season, where the garments are labeled with both the size for men and women. Read the full review of Hope here.
  • Lazoschmidl, as provocative as ever – challenging the conventional wardrobe for men with short glittery tops and relaxed sweatpants.
  • Jonas Hedström who experimented with a crossover of the dress and the suit in order to play with the one piece garment for men. The result – highly wearable yet norm-breaking and “fashion”. Read more about Jonas Hedström.


  • Emelie Janrell had created a collection inspired by powerful women of the past with the weapon of a labrys as the concretization symbol for power. Read the full review of Emelie Janrell.
  • Berggren Studios – showed a more peaceful collection with the sisterhood found in team sports as inspiration. Girls lifting girls.
  • Dagmar – was on the same track with their collection Heroines, with which they wanted to celebrate female success.


Although, as per usual, the models at fashion week were mainly blond and skinny we could see some variations in ethnicity, age and body type. People are beautiful and we want to see more.


  • Rodebjer – let their models (with the help of a stylist) style themselves before the show. Putting emphasis on the individual expressing him- or herself instead of being an anonymous hanger for a specific garment.
  • Diana Orving – had created her pieces for her friends who also were her models. Again emphasizing the individual style emanating from an individual.


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