Day 2 Fashion Week Stockholm

Stockholm Fashion Week Day 2 started with being served coffee in bed, while my room mate sang Happy Birthday to me (it’s not my birthday, don’t ask). Oh, you wanted to know about the actual Fashion Week? Yeah, yeah, here it comes…

Memorable Moments of the Day

Seeing one butt and several nipples (on the catwalk).

 A photo booth session with props.

 The presentations by Hope and Björn Borg.


The Big Spender of the Day

With no doubt, Björn Borg. The show was held at Kungliga Tennishallen – The Royal tennis court. The big hall was, just like a virgin, all dressed in white. A catwalk was raised around the entire court, and there was a dramatic light show as well as an intense performance from a live drum and DJ duo. We also received two collections instead of one – one signature collection, with clear references to the 80’s, and one more modern, graphic collection with bright accent colors and big logos.

A grand and really exciting performance that shook in our idle minds and bodies after a long day. Light on our feet, we danced on home.

Best quote of the day regarding a collection’s inspiration

Valerie – “Seahorses in love”

Most Creative of the Day

Always a high point of the week is The Swedish School of Textiles and their talented students. The mood at the Grand Hotel during this show is always very welcoming, and it feels like the strong hierarchy that outlines the industry of fashion melts away…for a while. Here, focus is instead put on the fun flowing creativity that the design students bring to the catwalk.

This year, Caroline Ingeholm put on a show when she took a turn to the more literal. Down the runway came models “dressed” in your favorite armchair, the coffee table from your local cafe, or your living room lamp. It sure caught the attention of the audience, and I liked that it was not within the conventional rules of fashion, and far from being Ready-To-Wear. What do you think?

Love the table cloth wrapped around her shoe

Failed Hubris of the Day

First out today was Valerie. We saw some cute and colorful garments. Especially one look, consisting of a skirt and a jacket in different denim pieces patched together. Nice, we thought. Then we read this statement in the press release:

” The love for our planet makes us want to re-use our favorite denim, in a patchwork style limited edition.”

I mean, COME ON. That was some cheap love. I’m glad I’m not your lover! For my lawfully wedded wife I would rather take Märtha Lavinia Sundkvist who presented her collection at The Swedish Schools of Textiles show. Her collection was solely made out of thrown away garments as a statement towards a more sustainable fashion industry. In that relationship I at least know that my partner was trying.

Trend of the Day

YELLOW  – Jennifer Larsson, Dagmar, Hanna Boström Stand,

Starboy of the Day

No, not the model, come on guys. Focus. I’m talking about Jonas Hedström that showed his collection at the show of The Swedish School of textile. It was named “Dress” and is supposed to be a playful design featuring the one piece garment for men. Jonas say that he wanted to question the everyday convention of the suit when it comes to the male wardrobe. We agree and think he did an excellent job! The looks are challenge the two piece norm that is current in mens’ fashion today, but still manage to be casual and wearable. Innovative and well worked.

Barney Stinson, its no longer “Suit up”, it’s DRESS UP!

We are exited to see what will come from Jonas Hedström in the near future.

Reflectional Hang Up of the Day

An interesting notion is the relationship between the actual collection and the press release describing it. If we were to reflect upon the actual correlation between the two, what would we find? Is the press release really a reflection of the collection, or is it a fancy post construction of well-chosen words, whose purpose is to add flare and interpretive advantages to the collection?

For example, Dagmar decided to go with a more political statement in their SS18 design, or at least in their press release.

“Inspiration for the collection came from the notion of female solidarity, where generations and cultures coming together as a respons to the political changes. And that all of this were manifested in the tradition of braiding.”

All of this sounds lovely and the inportance of a subject like this is obvious, but just how connected are these pretty words to the designs? You may think ‘so what? Why are we even discussing this?’ Well, this is worth bringing up If you look at it from the perspective of what the brand can benefit from mentioning this. To tie values of feminine strength and empowerment to a brand with the only intention of making money out of it, is not to be saluted. And that’s why I think it is important and interesting to look at the actual correlation between the design and press release. With this said, Dagmar is a brand that since the beginning have had an active stance and a genuine interest in these types of question, and I don’t believe they are using this as a way of getting ahead. It is just, that in the design of this collection I didn’t see their beautiful words as on show as I would have wanted to, but all in all, a very alluring collection with character and interesting design aesthetics.



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