Uniforms for the Dedicated: Concrete Jungle

Safari Vice, which the collections is called, spread a tropical breeze through Copenhagen from the moment the first model entered the catwalk smoking a cigarette.

The Swedish brand Uniforms for the Dedicated‘s design combines men’s tailoring with influences from sports and function. Their collections typically comprise timeless silhouettes with innovative sourcing and expressive storytelling. Safari Vice takes inspiration from the cult movies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Lost Boys.

The collection was functional yet classic. Modern streetwear met timeless silhouettes and the garments had sporty influences and tropical vibes. This was hard to miss considering all the models wore safari hats.

The brand presented shirts in white and beige, paired with suit jackets or trench coats with stripes as eye-catching detail, suit pants and shorts in the same khaki inspired color scale and contrasting stripes. There was a hint of denim and a safari print hat that really captured the streetwear feel. The style that stood out the most was a set with a salmon pink shirt and pants.

   Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week