Nicholas Nybro SS18 – The Naked Body

Nybro, where do I start? His SS18 collection was so right in time. SO well needed.

I must say it was not so much about the clothing though since half of his models came down the catwalk naked, but it was still AMAZING.

It seems that Nybro always designs his collections with an important topic in mind, and his SS18 collection is a tribute to the naked body. He took inspiration from how bodies and muscles are built. It was a lot of focus on volume, especially around the shoulders, and he worked a lot with drapings and layers. It was very down to earth, and a mixture of relaxing and extreme garments. The colour palette went from beige nude to delicate blue to darker warmer brown.

Sitting there, and watching these amazing tulle creations mixed with naked bodies and beautiful draped garments coming down the catwalk in a concrete room, filled with old statues was beautiful. Another plus was that he didn’t just use the typical  ”model” to wear his creation. It was models in all ages, sizes and genders.

I love when designers have a real important topic behind their collections. And Nicholas Nybros SS18 was more about the important message than it was about the clothes. There is so much in this world, and especially in the fashion industry, that tries to dictate the perception of the “perfect body”. We have become so afraid to show what’s underneath the clothes, which actually should be so natural. So it was really refreshing to see a designer that really understood this. That showed us that there are so many different ways of looking and that we constantly change throughout life. BUT that we also, more or less, all look the same underneath.

Nicholas Nybro himself finished the show by happily walking down the catwalk in the key piece of his collection- the naked body.

Photos: cphfw