Martin Asbjørn – “My Business is Pleasure”

This season’s menswear collections have been very strong walking down the runways and Martin Asbjørn was one of our favorite shows of this years CPHFW.

If I were to describe this collection with only a few words it would be “This is the ultimate boyfriend goals collection”. The collection had a notion of fluidity and movement, allowing you to strut your stuff with ease. You could clearly see the influence of the 80’s throughout the whole collection, not only because of the pastel and vibrate color palette mixed with leo-prints but the restricting silhouettes and Martin Asbjørn’s aesthetic of sports-inspired tailoring were just screaming 80’s 80’s 80’s.

Films like American Gigolo was the main inspiration for this collection which resulted in amazing pieces like laid back sports jackets, open-neck silk shirts (obsessed), unstructured silhouettes and relaxed leisure wear, the proportions were looser and free fitting.

“The real trick to Kaye’s ineffable style in American Gigolo was all in the details, from the lazily rolled up sleeve to the suit jacket swung nonchalantly over a shoulder.” explains Asbjørn, “How could we forget Kaye’s regime of hanging from the ceiling of his LA apartment hotel doing crunches in soft gray shorts?”

Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. 10th August 2017. Martin Asbjørn shows his Spring Summer 2018 designs his Catwalk show during Copenhagen International Fashion Fair and Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 © Chris Yates.

Photos: © Chris Yates/Martin Asbjørn