Ivan Grundahl SS18: Sophisticated Roughness

Ivan Grundahl’s aesthetic is one of dark Nordic minimalistic fashion, the brand combines layering and structure with a feeling of rough edges and unfinished pieces that are draped and deconstructed.

The show was held at Lokomotivvaerkstedet, a venue that worked really well with the collection since it had both an industrial feel with high ceilings and large windows combined with warmth.

The creative director Roy Krejberg created a collection that really captured the soul of Ivan Grundahl, the asymmetric long silhouettes and the mixture of different materials created a dramatic look with a touch of lightness. The draping and layering of each individual look were in perfect balance with a color pallet that was mostly black and white but included shades of blue and stripes.

The collection had a somewhat utility feel to it in the form of various suits combined with feminine dresses. It delivered a feeling that shifted from tough to fragile. The craftmanship was a big part of the collection and the garments never got too raw because of the contrasts with sophistication and sensuality.


Images: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Watch the collection here!