Sleeping at the Henrik Vibskov SS18 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Wake up. WAKE UP. Henrik Vibskov provokingly placed sleeping duvets all over the runway at his SS18 Copenhagen Fashion Week show and oh was I tempted after the whole day on my feet. However, even the heaviest sleepers from us couldn’t help but keep the eyes open for what was happening next.

We live busy lives in a hectic world throughout our days – but what happens at night? When the light goes down and the darkness takes over? We give up our bodies and minds and everything slows down – our heartbeats and our breathing. Have you ever wondered what the night world looks like inside your body and mind?

Vibskov found a certain fascination in the thoughts we dive into, and in the movements and positions we sleep in, the colours, shapes and materials. The door between the dreamer and his reality (the outside world) is never closed for Vibskov. Images, ideas, emotions, and sensations are all part of it as they fill our minds while we sleep. Nightmares and dreams create a world filled with stories; flamboyant, illogical and even a bizarre world of surreal events – all of this was explored and on display at the show.

The SS18 collection is a Vibskov classic – luxury materials, layers, structures and usual shapes. However, there is a creative twist to each garment and that gives the very wearable looks a sort of dreamy casual, but mysterious vibe. Loose silhouettes, funky details and a clash of patterns from the two worlds, create a perfect wardrobe for the upcoming Scandi spring/summer.

henrik vibskov ss18

henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18

henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18henrik vibskov ss18

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Photo By: Victor Jones