Post-Traumatic Combat Stress by Heliot Emil SS18

Heliot Emil usually draws inspiration from thought-provoking themes and their SS18 collection is no exception.

The streetwear brand Heliot Emil, named after the grandfather of the brothers behind the brand, Julius and Victor Juul, is a brand to keep in mind. Their unisex collection pays a lot of attention to details with an aesthetic that is very fashion-forward and could easily be compared to Vetements or Balenciaga.

They presented their SS18 collection during CPHFW Talent Scene and they were by far the most interesting one there (maybe during the entire fashion week if you ask me). The main inspiration came (literally) from military uniforms and the collection included bulletproof vests, parachute cords, and buckle belts. The Juul brothers described the collection as “post traumatic combat stress” and this was noticeable throughout the collection. There was also an association to nineties rave parties in form of a sweatshirt with ”Ketamine” printed on it which gave the otherwise serious collection a twist of fun.

The color palette was mostly monochrome, it had elements of orange, green and silver metallic with chains and buckle details. The prints were few; camouflage (of course), words and their logo printed on oversized plastic bags.

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