Review: The 21st Century Concrete War Zone by Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn is known for his spectacular shows. Only last season he staged a hanging that left us baffled. This time there were fewer elements of death, but there was no loss of “spectacular”. Somehow it became a walking art installation, as each look seems to say something, carry a meaning or maybe it’s just the fact that it simply oozes power.

The uniform-inspired collection featured grays, black, deep Bordeaux, brown and prints of knights and horses. In my eyes, Han has always been a unisex brand, or without concern about genders, and this season is no different as both male and female models sported wide, typical male(-coded) silhouettes and all looks made us forget about who should wear what. Instead, the concrete war zone vibe, together with Herculean items, such as bulletproof vests and oversized patron belts steered our minds to current political climates, where trite stuff like North Korea and Trump threatening one another and the world order as we know it continues day after day. In this collection, as we’ve seen throughout this season at Copenhagen Fashion Week, brands bring in ropes to turn it up.

As always one is left a little confused, without full answers. But that is what makes Han Kjøbenhavn so inspiring and revolutionary. It’s impossible to predict what will come down the runway, if there even is one, and what statements will be made overtly and covertly.

Minus to the PR agency for inviting too many people, more than half of our team couldn’t even see the runway.

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