Day 1 Fashion Week Stockholm

The first day of Fashion Week Stockholm started at Grand Hôtel.

Among others, Whyred, Styelin and Naim Josefi presented their spring/summer collections for 2018 during the day.

Okay, so how was it you ask?

Short version: Inspiration 6/10, disappointments 3/10, as expected 7/10, jaw-droppers 0.

Long version:

Whyred kicked off the week with their collection Silence Yourself. With over 60 looks in the collection, we can’t say we’re disappointed. A kind of generosity that felt like an opposite of the ‘small-venues-less-people-trend’ we use to see.

But we can still ask – is there always more is more? Maybe in Whyreds’ case yes. The various looks were strong, well-processed and cohesive, and the more-the-merrier proved its’ right. I would say that it’s a risk though; showing a small collection that strikes hard might be easier digested and inspirational in most cases. However, Whyred played it well!


We took part of the spring/summer collections by Stylein and Busnel. And here we started to see a continuous theme during the day – commerce and superficial kinds of shows, instead of inspirational and important fashion. BUT some looks from Stylein SS18 were very good this season, and it felt like Elin Alemdar has taken a different and more interesting path. I’ve always liked the traditional Scandinavian minimalism that Stylein used to present, but this year it was a bit different, in a good way. Still, the overall feeling during the day so far was a little dull. Maybe it was the setting, casting or a combination of all of the above.



Rodebjer showed spring/summer SS18 in their ‘Vaginan [the vagina] – a place where creative and cultural expressions take place and are born. As always, Rodebjers’ collection was both feminine, powerful and playful. I really appreciate it when typical female coded clothing, such as dresses and other sweeping silhouettes are powerful – the male coded suits don’t have to be the most mighty ones in the closet!


We also got to see some vintage by Stockholms Aktionsverk, which made the day’s schedule a bit more interesting. Something that didn’t encourage the fast production and fast consumption cycle. By Malina offered dresses, flower prints and finally some hijabs – well needed in our opinion!


The day ended with ATP Atelier and Naim Josefi. Those two presented very appealing collections. ATP did a really great job, creating a venue and setup that was compelling and eye catching, which isn’t the easiest task when you’re not doing clothes. We got to walk around at Svenskt Tenn as we were guests at the home of the ATP women. There were women painting, playing cards, doing crosswords and reading the newspaper. The products might have been left in the shadows a bit, but it still worked I would say – the collection is beautiful and wearable. Now to talk about the lookbook for SS18. Amazing. Josefi presented his spring/summer collection with a playful setup, trippy piano music and fantastic styling and makeup. The creations were very well thought out as always, and some looks were really interesting in their combinations and proportions. In my opinion, this was one of the best collections during day 1!



I’m looking forward to day two, where I want more wow-moments, interesting and challenging thoughts; something that could contribute to a change or an impact. However, the shows today were – in a straight up fashion way – worth a standing ovation. Well coordinated, good styling and wearable pieces. But now, I want some fun!

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And stay tuned for more reviews, thoughts and all the best looks from SS18!