Ida, Some Tea?

Afternoon Tea by Ida Sjöstedt

When talking about Ida Sjöstedt and her design it’s all about elegance, beauty and incredible dresses. Like last years presentation at Fashion Week just to mention some. So you might wonder what Ida and Afternoon Tea have in common?

The well-renominated designer has developed a new Afternoon Tea concept for Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. The different pastries are inspired by fairy tales and midsummer nights dreams.

The flavor fusion has midsummer flowers as a basic idea, and the presentation is easy with playful colors. Flowers like lavender, roses and jasmine are used together with different berries.

The first of September is the premiere of Afternoon Tea by Ida Sjöstedt, which the designer has created together with confectioner Calle Isaksson. The new concept will convey the same feelings as Ida’s own creations – an Afternoon Tea that is playful, feminine and luxurious.

Make sure to try this out if you’re in Stockholm, served daily from 1st of September 3-5 PM.

Oh, sorry forgot the best part – you can get rosé champagne with your cookies!!! Sorry for screaming. Champagne, Rosé. That’s all.

Images: Fredrik Ottosson