Nordic Music Festivals in Astounding Locations

Festival season is in full swing, and, as you probably know by now, we love music and we’ve already been out moonwalking and doing the “running man” at  Iceland’s Secret Solstice. But did you know that some of the Nordic festivals have the most astounding locations? I mean, crazy, outworldly locations. Just look at these images.

Træna – Træna municipality, Norway

On a small island in northern Norway, 65 km straight out in the Atlantic ocean you find Træna Festival. The tiny yet magical island has about 500 citizens who all work together to give you the most amazing music and cultural experience. It’s hard to imagine an island of this magnificence. Træna is proof that paradise does not have to be in the tropics!

nordic music festivalsPhoto: Træna

Into the Valley – Rummu quarry, Estonia

The Swedish festival concept “Into the…” travels worldwide to the most surreal environments. This year Into the Valley took the ferry over to Estonia, about 45 km South-West of Tallinn.
Rummu is a former prison located in a quarry surrounded by Baltic forests, crystal clear water and sand. The abandoned prison gives a haunting feeling and the quarry takes the visitor to places that seem to be from another planet.

nordic music festivalsPhoto: Into the Valley

Into the Factory – Stora Vika, Sweden

Another “Into the…” music festival is taking place in Stora Vika industrial park, 68 km away from Stockholm and far, far away from residential areas. The location makes this Swedish festival perfectly isolated. The gray industrial buildings create a haunting underground feeling which goes great with the electro music and the crowd which most likely are wearing all-black.

UPDATE: Into the Factory has been cancelled, just two weeks until its start. This after the Swedish police vetoed their permit because “people would die from drug overdose”. One of the Swedish festival’s organizers wrote on Facebook that they will not be hosting festivals in Sweden again.

Photo: Into the Factory

Savonlinna Opera Festival – Savonlinna, Finland

This music festival is a little bit different from the others mentioned in this post. Why? Because they play opera. Now, if you don’t like opera you’ll still love this Medieval castle built in 1475. The festival’s history traces back to 1907 when the Finnish soprano Aino Ackté visited the castle and saw its potential. The romantic castle set amid lake scenery of ‘supernatural beauty’ cannot fail to impress all who beholds it and is thus the perfect stage for the Finnish music just bursting into flower.

Photo: Savonlinna Opera Festival

G! Festival – Syðrugöta, Faroe Islands

This festival hosts many great Nordic acts, making it an event for intrepid music fans, but you could argue that it’s about much more than the music. The picturesque Faroe Islands, with its breathtaking scenery, soaring hills, sandy beaches and crashing seas is the perfect backdrop for any activity.
“Faroe Islands, maybe the most curious place left on earth.”
Photo:  Kristfríð Tyril / MOMO

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