To All Love Cynics
featuring Photography by Karen Rosetzsky

Love cynics, listen up!

I don’t know how to write this without it just becoming another cliché text about love. About how people either desperately seeks to find it or (according to me, under a mask of fear) stubbornly cling to their independence and the “trouble free” life of being single.

I think I’m a classic love cynic – or at least I was. Some years ago I thought you were naive if you believed in soulmates, everlasting love or if you thought prince charming would come knocking at your door. I looked more to the mythological creatures like sirens or mean versions of mermaids. You know, the flirty ones that, with their long hair and beautiful voices, whisper sweet words in their victims’ ears, looking deep into their eyes – just to drown their sorry butts. Or maybe the female spider that eats her partner when they are done mating (that really does happen, right?). Some romantic ha!

love cynics photo by karen rosetzsky


I thought it made me cool and wise like I knew something other people hadn’t figured out yet.

What about my relationships, you ask? You are probably not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. They ended up reflecting my beliefs. Not because I was right but because who wants to be in a relationship with a love cynic that constantly tries to cling to their independence while at the same time demands the confirmation and pampering of a top class A-level boy- or girlfriend?

One of the sweetest boyfriends I ever had the pleasure of being in a relationship with, said, after we had been seeing each other a few months:

– I love you.

My response?

– Don’t ever say that to me.

I KNOW, I’M HORRIBLE! If someone were to do that to me today I would probably just crawl under a rock and never let the sun lay eyes on me again. I was so deep in my non-attachment phase that I couldn’t appreciate when someone said they loved me. I guess I was struck by the same phenomenon that has created more movie plots than maybe anything else – Fear Of Commitment. Or more accurately, the fear of being so happy, feeling such joy that the fall down becomes so much larger than before and in case of a potential downfall – you seriously doubt that you will make it out alive.

Well, thats a dead end leading nowhere!

My new conviction is that in order to get that happy fairytale-ending you just have to commit to the fairytale. Embrace those pink fluffy clouds, the unicorns that fart glitter bubbles and the never ending fields of roses. Thats what I’m aming for, but with some modifications, I will probably toss in a superhero or two, a rescuing mission and some hot kisses in an alleyway while the rain is pouring down, you know, just to keep it interesting.

love cynics photo by karen rosetzsky

Anyway, the thing is that the talented Danish photographer Karen Rosetsky has created a project most suitable for igniting my newly found lust for love. The fashion and lifestyle photographer created a book titled “Young Love” in 2015, a project that showcases the beautiful love stories that exist out there. The book became a masterpiece and following the success, and because Karen thought the project was too much fun to end, she launched the website Young Love Stories in early 2017 where we can continue to follow these dreamy love memoirs in both picture and text.

Although my cynical nature should make me frown to all this whimsical, otherworldly cuteness in the photos and stories, I find myself smiling and maybe, just maybe, like the Grinch who stole Christmas, my heart grew a size.

love cynics photo by karen rosetzsky

All pictures: Karen Rosetzsky


How did I do on the cliché part?

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