L’Homme Rouge Wins Europe Regional – International Woolmark Prize

Okay, are you guys ready? Remember this post where we talked about how L’Homme Rouge was nominated for the International Woolmark Prize? Well, guess what… they won the European regional final! L’Homme Rouge won in the menswear category and we couldn’t be more proud!

For the winning look, Jonatan Härgren, L’Homme Rouge’s designer, was inspired by the culture of Sweden’s west coast, which has a strong boating and maritime influence.


Details of the winning look, courtesy of  International Woolmark Prize

The truly stunning factor of this look is that it combines contemporary functionality and the concept of workwear with high quality and beauty. The wool used for this look even has anti-wrinkle and water repellant features, proving it’s innovativeness.

Street style photographer Tamu McPherson said “For me, L’HOMME ROUGE’s buttoned-down shirt re-interpreted in 100% Merino wool and the subtle wrinkling effect that made the fabric look like the wrinkling of a ships sale made the entire concept well thought through and cohesive and it was executed beautifully”.

So what is the next step? The winners must now spend the next six to seven months creating a capsule collection in Merino wool. This collection will be displayed at a prestigious event in which six menswear and womenswear finalists will display their collections. How exciting!

International Woolmark Prize

The Woolmark Europe Regional Judging Panel courtesy of International Woolmark Prize

“There were so many talented designers involved in the prize; we are really thankful to The Woolmark Company and the support of the award, it was a big deal to come here to Italy and to present to such an established panel and we are delighted to have won”. – CEO of L’Homme Rouge, John-Ruben Holtback 

Feature photo courtesy of WWD