Amanda Delara’s EP ‘Rebel’ Delivers A Rallying Cry

Amanda Delara has become somewhat of a voice for the new generation, unafraid to talk about sensitive topics and things that affected her upbringing and her family’s lives in her music. Her brand new EP Rebel’ is no different. Being Iranian-born and Norwegian-raised (after her family fled Iran and settled in Norway as refugees), has given Amanda a different view on life and what she thinks needs to be said through her music.

‘Rebel is the first completed chapter in my journey! Some of the songs have most certainly many people heard, and I’m so grateful for the feedback I’ve received from my amazing fans out there. Therefore, it feels good to finally share this EP as a whole.’ – Amanda

amanda delara rebel artwork

Mixing hip hop beats and electronic samples with beautiful pop and soaring vocals, Amanda’s new EP is a fitting expression of her experiences and current world affairs. Her hit-single ‘Paper Paper’ features on the record as well as tracks entitled ‘New Generation’ and ‘Jimmy’ which all have an exotic beat to them, with a young and modern perspective. There is no doubt that Amanda knows how to write a catchy song, but she has also mastered how to use her words in a clever and informative way, putting more than just rhyme and shape behind what she sings.

Deeper meanings

With lyrics like ‘If I ruled the world, I’d rather talk than murder.’ and ‘And why all this suppression? I had no intentions. Why you losing patience with me? Pushing out confessions.’ it’s hard not to listen to the songs deeper meanings and assess your position in the world.

‘Speaking of ‘New Generation’, I think it’s really funny this thing Cher wrote on twitter, she said something like “these old people gotta die soon so the youth can get involved.” Which is kinda brutal but true, cause I’ve been catching myself thinking this several times haha.’ – Amanda

But this is not to say that the EP is all doom and gloom and forcing politics in your face. If anything, Amanda Delara’s lyrics bring together her feelings and the truths are inspiring and rallying. They bring together the thoughts and feelings of a large amount of people, but also bring hope and the idea that this is not the end and change is possible. The EP is a great collection of older tracks and new material and having just completed a stellar performance at Sljotsfjell Festival [Norway], and with a host of performances lined up, we can’t wait to see her live and see what follows this rebellious EP!

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Amanda Delara’s EP ‘Rebel’ is out NOW and available to buy HERE and listen to on Spotify.

You can also watch the new video for ‘Dirhamz’ HERE – which I highly recommend!

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Photo By: Stian Andersen