TID Watches Create a Colourful Modular Timepiece for Summer

Back in April this year, Swedish watchmakers TID Watches (‘tid’ being the Swedish word for ‘time’) announced the beginning of their collaborative series of watches. Canvas 001 was a reinvention of the classic No.1 watch, and now the No.3 TR90 (released last week) takes the watch in another simple but beautiful and sun-worthy direction.

Sharing the same shape and design as the No.1, the No.3 uses a new polycarbonate thermoplastic for its’ case called TR90. For this watch, TID chose again to work with Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love, after the success of their first partnership.

‘We want to explore new materials by keeping the same case design as the rest of the collection. By introducing a clear plastic, our ambition is to insert a playful yet minimal element, which is easy to combine with any colour or style.’ Ola E. Bernestål, CEO of TID Watches explains.

Produced in Switzerland, TR90 is flexible, lightweight and extremely durable, making it the perfect watch casing material. It is also transparent, which compliments the colours that the watch’s silicone wristband and face come in. Available in White, Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink, each watch has its’ own voice and makes for a modern but fun and personable collection. The use of colour can be distracting and put people off, but in this case, the minimal and effective design and block colours are attractive, and perfect for accompanying summer dressing, and even for brightening outfits when winter comes along.

I have the No.3 in pink and it is beautiful and absolutely perfect. The watch is very light against my wrist and the face is easily readable, and the pink is a subtle nude that adds a beautiful pop of colour to any outfit. Combining the TR90 plastic casing and soft silicone strap creates a structured but delicate watch that is comfortable to wear and stunningly complimentary.

‘TR90 is a qualitative material and part of the ongoing material exploration of TID Watches, we see adding a polymer as a meaningful and democratic part of the growing collection.’ says Ola.

TID Watches have always sought to develop new material combinations and be at the forefront of timepiece design, and the introduction of the No.3 TR90 is perfect for delving into such new avenues. Due to the modular nature of the watches, faces and wristbands of any nature can be mixed and matched, allowing a vast range of pairings. Whether you’d like a leather, nylon, twain or silicone wristband, paired with your watch face, the possibilities are truly endless with TID.

The thing I love the most about TID’s creations is that they are understated and simple but charmingly Scandinavian and subtly powerful. The branding is small but recognizable, the materials are of the highest quality but not outlandish or in-your-face, and the overall design is executed perfectly and no detail is left untouched. TID Watches have captured the true essence of modern timepiece design, and I am always excited to see what they do next.


The No.3 TR90 watch is available HERE in seven different colours and a 38mm diameter watch face.

Photo By: TID Watches