Reform Are Moving Into Your Living Room

Having started by hacking IKEA kitchens for your design pleasure and enjoyment, Reform have branched out into living room storage with 2 brand new beautiful designs from Note Design Studio and Afteroom. Not wanting to just be known as a kitchen company, Reform wanted to take the success of their kitchen collaborations and move into another area of the house. As well as new living room designs, Reform has moved across the pond to the US, and opened a showroom in New York and will be also opening one in Berlin very soon. To say these were exciting times for Reform would be an understatement!

The new designs continue to use IKEA products as their basis – both designs use METOD cabinets as their base – and bring the designers’ skills and ethos into each collection. Note and Afteroom are both Stockholm-based but bring very different aesthetics to living room dressing. While Note focuses on paying attention to their surroundings and creating things that make others do the same, Afteroom creates furniture that they want to stand the test of time, with an attitude of honesty and simplicity.


For the past three years Afteroom (founded by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei) have been in Architonic’s Top 100 Designers in the world. They have continued to produce outstandingly designed furniture and objects that will grow better with time, and that you’ll want to grow old with.

The most prominent feature of Afteroom’s sideboard that they designed for Reform, is the straight lines that allow it to be integrated into any room and matched with other pieces, no matter the era or setting. The sideboard is currently available in four colours ‘Sand’, ‘Powder’, ‘Olive’ and ‘Steel blue’ and the doors, although made of wood, look like perfectly polished corrugated steel, adding a modern and subtly industrial look to the room. Over time Reform plan to take this design and produce it for the kitchen and also the bedroom! Fully co-ordinated Reform house I hear you say? Yes, please!


Playing with the contrast between contemporary design and traditional elegance, Note’s sideboard design uses old manufacturing techniques and traditional materials, and repurposes them for modern living.

Note Design Studio was founded in 2008 and works in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, graphic design and product design. Taking influence from and acknowledging their surroundings and wanting to make others do the same, Note has created a sculptural piece that is full of colour, texture and has a striking silhouette. Mixing terrazzo (high polished concrete mixed with granite or marble chips) and woodworking (the doors are made from ash wood) in the design has produced a beautifully striking piece that draws your eye in and is the center of attention. Available in ‘White’ or ‘Rust’, the sideboard is actually quite a tropical looking piece, and something that I would love in my home flanked by green plants and clean walls.

Reform’s design collaborations have brought a range of sleek and stunning pieces to the kitchen and now to the living room, and I think the collection is growing to be some of the most strongly designed and functional products out there. I can’t wait to see what new collaborations emerge over the next year and also the development in the living room and bedroom range. Does anyone else want a house completely designed by Reform? Because I know I certainly do!

Photo By: Reform