Let’s Get Away – A Unique Swedish Tree House Experience

Thinking of escaping the chest-squeezing work stress and the dull faces in the morning metro? Why not enjoy the comforting calmness nature among the treetops?

Offering seven different options the spectacular accommodation by Treehotel are located in a forest looking over Luleå River, in Northern Sweden, 4-6 meters above ground, and are all built with sustainable features using a construction technique hardly affecting the surrounding nature.

These tree-rooms were created by Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and Kent Lindvall in collaboration with three of Sweden’s foremost architects – Bertil Harström, Thomas Sandell and Mårten Cyren. The tree-houses are styled with a sophisticated interior in calm tones and offer guests a peaceful place to enjoy nature and take a deep breath – and what better place to do so than these wonderful getaways?

Images courtesy of Treehotel