Interview with Finnish Artist ⎮ KARUSOMA

KARU = rugged, stark
SOMA = cute, pretty

One Friday afternoon Ville Ruso, the artist behind the art brand Karusoma, opened up his studio for the public and anyone was welcome to step in to the cosy basement with colour-splatters all over the floor. Karusomas art has quickly gained popularity with its dreamy splashes and urban, colourful expression, and it’s not all in the fantastic artwork but in the artist himself – guests stepping into the studio was met by Rusos big smile and you immediately notice he genuinely enjoys customer care – which actually is one of the things he tells that inspires him, among getting people enthusiastic by art.


Years before starting Karusoma, Ruso was vexed by the elitist, somewhat challenging and distant attitude of artists and the high prices of art and wanted to break this image.

“There wasn’t really anyone serving low income art collectors, and if you’re unwilling to by mass produced prints from interior distributors, you’ll live with empty walls for quite some time. Fortunately my dad was active art enthusiast and encouraged me to paint, so little by little the art brand Karusoma was born.”


Not having a degree in the art field hasn’t been a problem, Ruso likes to try out things without the shackles education might contribute with, and for the one searching for it internet is full of knowledge so one might as well educate oneself independently.

“I’ll place the canvas on the floor in my studio, mix the colours needed and start working. There’s nothing mystical with painting.”


Talking to buyers about their custom-made paintings, Ruso seems to understand the feeling the individual is searching for in art by putting himself in the buyers’s shoes and not being too proud as an artist.

“Being service minded comes naturally and I don’t speak in strange art-terms with my customers but in a more easy-going manner, we talk about puddles and lines which I think lowers the threshold for anyone curious in buying art.”

“Usually the idea of custom-made paintings start from a previously made painting the customer has spotted, from which we together frame the wishes considering size, colour and style. Often a discussion about the artwork is enough for me to make a suggestion of what could be the customers future painting, at times I may do a quick draft on paper. The custom-made paintings are usually ready in 2-4 weeks. “


To see more, get in touch with the artist himself at Karusoma.

Feature image & images courtesy of Karusoma