All You Need to Know About Arket’s First Collection

H&M‘s new brand ARKET has finally released the first pictures of their coming collection which will be launched this autumn.

ARKET will offer timeless clothes and accessories for women, men, and children as well as a selected interior range with a focus on quality, sustainability, and functional design. Their first collection will also be complemented with other selected products – mainly shoes, accessories and interior – from a few external brands such as Scandinavian Tretorn, Iittala, and Nividas. The concept is quirky and futuristic with a clever ID tag system to make it easier for the customers to find a certain style in a different material or a certain material in a  different style.

The debut collection is less trend-driven than &Other Stories but more so than COS is, yet you can easily see the resemblance to both of them – it has the silhouette of COS and the color pops and clever detailing of &Other Stories. The design is definitely one of clean Scandi minimalism combined with detail patterned garments.

The fabric is cleverly designed, they have created different combinations of the same fabric in different weights to suit the temperature of the specific season the garments will be sold in, with Japanese-made materials designed to last longer. There will be products in a wide pricerange and the prices will be slightly higher than H&M’s, starting at 5€.

The collection shows tailored shirts and trousers, classic coats and cashmere jumpers which make the brand the ultimate choice for wardrobe classics that can be worn from season to season in a long-lasting quality.

Photos: Arket