These Vintage IKEA Catalog Covers
Will Blow You Away

We’ve been covering IKEA quite frequently lately, and it’s no wonder – the Swedish furniture giant has (unintentionally) entered the world of fashion after Balenciaga copied the infamous Frakta shopping bag. The news went viral and quickly led to more and more and more fashionable IKEA DIYs. It even went so far that someone made a thong, and the Swedish Youtube duo TheLineUp posted an entire lookbook with clothing made from the Frakta bag.

Now, in the midst of an unstoppable IKEA frenzy, we got our hands on IKEA catalog covers from 1952 – 2015 and felt, of course, that we had to share a few of them with you. So, prepare for nostalgia fever in this trip down memory lane – because here they are in all their vintage glory.

vintage ikea

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