The Naked And The Nude

In 1992 Lynda Nead presented her thoughts on the distinction between The Naked and The Nude. Where the concept of the nude is how we portray and used to perceive the woman’s body. Beautifully decorated, passive and gentle. The opposite is the naked, an incarnated and honest portrayal of a body that doesn’t please the male spectator.

We talk about it, read about it and maybe feel that this isn’t the case anymore. But it is. The art as a spectacle of our contemporary society, in these days maybe more expressed through social media, needs to – yet again – change its structure. Photos are still being reported and removed (we’ve talked about this before, here) and even though there are so many brave and persevering people out there fighting for this, I think that media, in the form of public service, needs to improve. Commercials, in particular, need to improve. The fashion industry really needs to improve. We can’t (easy to say, it’s not up to us actually) let the big companies control our minds with their niche offer, only pleasing the male gaze.

The thing is that it shouldn’t be presented as another sales trick and for goodwill. But instead as a normal portrayal, where no one is addressing it because it’s not even remarkable. That’s the goal.

The Naked should be out there, showing us that we’re all equally worthy. Sorry for taking your time on a subject we’re all used to hear about all. the. time. But when it’s all fair and diversity is accepted everywhere, both in art and social media, we’ll stop. Now – it’s not. And that’s why we can’t stress this enough.

I entered the words women, body, art in the search column on Pinterest. This is what I found. The same old representation of women, mixed up with some honest – but explicitly addressing the problem – images (thank you for that at least). Oh! The first one didn’t. Win!