What’s the Greatest Challenge for
A Day’s March?

A Day’s March is a Swedish menswear label founded in 2014. They offer clean-cut basics and wardrobe staples of the highest quality. We sat down with Pelle Lundqvist who is the Co-founder, Creative Director, and Designer at the brand, and asked a few questions about their core values and challenges they’ve faced so far.

– Tell me a little about the brand? What are your core values?
We started A Day’s March with a clear objective – to create high-quality essentials at a friendly price by selling direct to consumers. Our Scandinavian take on classic menswear means that we show a lot of love for materials and attention to detail. In our design process, we talk about focusing on style, not trends.
– What does the name A Day’s March stand for? How come you chose it?
The name, A Day’s March, came up late one night when I and fellow co-founder Stefan Pagreus, made the first drafts for the concept. We felt that there was something beautiful about it. The name says something about humans, about progress and the triumphs and troubles of everyday life. The history behind the name is that A Day’s March is an old military term referring to how far an army could move in one single day.
– What makes A Day’s March stand out from other brands?
We are a Swedish brand and the Scandinavian tradition of stripped-down design and attention to detail are clearly present in everything we do. On the other hand, we get much inspiration from classic American and Italian menswear. I think this mix differentiates us from other brands. And then the price. I believe that you will struggle to find the same quality at a price close to ours. When I compare our garments with our competitors’, which are often twice the price, I think our product is usually the better one.
– What have been some of your challenges so far?
I would say that our main challenge is making a truly great product. This is something we’re focusing on, day in day out. The product is key! Then there’s a lot of challenges in making that perfect product – concerning the team and organisation, refining and developing new styles, expanding the sustainable part of the collection, optimizing the production process etc.
– Do you ever fear that a full on focus on essentials and what’s classic gets boring?
Absolutely. One of the challenges in designing staples and classics is the process of making them into something that’s relevant, beautiful and up to date. If we’re succeeding in doing that, that’s something I would like you and other picky customers to answer.

Now, they got me on the spot right there. I’m a picky customer, sometimes too picky for my own good. And I dare to say that, yes, they do succeed. I’ve been wearing their t-shirts for almost a year now and I recently got my hands on the Overshirt in graphite. If you’re in Stockholm you should definitely swing by their local store at Kungsgatan 3. Otherwise, or until then, browse their website for some great, classic pieces.

Photos: A Day’s March