Mares Reinvent the Swedish Boyband

Mares is a Swedish group that reinvents the traditional boy band as their songs are completely stripped from cheesy lines and superficial teen love. Instead, the young Swedes, merely in their early 20s, have a unique way of combining poetic and quite sad, almost angry, lyrics with upbeat melodies that make it impossible not to shake your booty. I promise, listen and try to sit still. See? Told you so. I think it has something to do with the lead singer Fredrik’s vocals. There’s a raw, emotional tone to it.

Indie pop, mellow happiness in a danceable, Swedish music compote.

Their songs are in Swedish but as far as I know people enjoy their music even when they don’t understand a single word. I’ve been listening to Mares since the release of their debut single back in 2015, and I constantly assault my friend’s playlists by adding a tune or two. Anyway, to demonstrate their awesome storytelling lyrics I have translated some of my favorite lines.

My heart is beating fast
Breathing way too much
If you bike I run
(from Cyklar ni så springer jag)

I’ve got nothing good to give
But 60kg of loneliness
If you’d like to, we can share it
(from Freddie)

Have a listen to Mares on Spotify here!

Photo: Mares/Hybris