Self(ie) Love Club – Amanda Kiviniemi

Media’s attitude towards women and celebrities’ half nude pictures in product placement images are known for having a negative impact – especially on young women who tend to objectify themselves as a result in being fed with this female role through every possible channel. Amanda Kivinimemi, Swedish born and Finnish raised 27 year old feminist artist, wants to open up this topic and explore the motive behind women’s sexy selfies – are they empowering, or conforming to the hyper sexual norm of present social media?

In her upcoming exhibition she confronts the viewer to reflect on the question why the objectification of women’s body is okay in commercials, but as the power in posting these pictures is the individuals’, females submit to insolent commenting. Something Amanda points out is also the solidarity – or the lack of it – between females especially in discussions about sexy selfies.

Shouldn’t individuals with the courage to openly show that they love their curves and flats in a judging and superficial environment be cheered on? On the other hand – through whose eyes are females really exposing their bodies – especially in half nude selfies – and for whose gaze?

Feminism and sexuality has always been part of Amanda art, and by a sex-positive mindset she hopes the attitude towards sex and nudity will become more acceptable and laid back. Previously she has held an exhibition at Turku Concert Hall Vino-gallery and taken part in a joint exhibition displaying males drawn in in the fashion women are pictured in commercials.

Amanda is one of the winners of Bassoradios remuneration Nost€ (a programme supporting various culture projects) with her upcoming exhibition Self(ie) Love Club. Only via a post on Instagram encouraging women to send their half nudes for her to draw, she found herself with more pictures than she could have imagined. The project got lots of appreciation and Kiviniemi was happy to see the variation of shapes and ages being represented by the participants. Starting the 8th of June you may have a peek yourself on random (or familiar?) beauty at CREAT galleria in Helsinki.

Self(ie) Love Club will be exhibitioned at CREAT galleria 8th of June – 20th June.

CREAT galleria

Albertinkatu 12


tue-sun 12-18

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