L’Homme Rouge
+ The International Woolmark Prize

Have your heard? L’Homme Rouge was nominated for the International Woolmark Prize!

The International Woolmark Prize awards fashion talents from all over the world, who have displayed an exquisite use of Merino wool and truly showcased its versatility and beauty. Some previous winners include Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

So why are we excited? L’Homme Rouge is the first ever Swedish Menswear brand to be nominated for the prize, and we are confident that their artfully designed and well-tailored, high-quality pieces will get them to the top.

“We’re thankful to Woolmark for this acknowledgment, to challenge ourselves is really the core of our driving force and being reviewed is a stimulating and giving method for development,” says Designer and Creative Director Jonatan Härngren.

Check out their SS17 presentation below or read our review here!

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Photos courtesy of L’Homme Rouge