EYTYS Crushes Norms with Exciting ‘Magaluf!’ Campaign

EYTYS have always created provocative and exciting campaigns, but their latest ‘Magaluf!’, might just be their best! Teaming up with photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman and stylist Ib Kamara, the campaign plays with crushing society norms and being ‘a fish out of water’ with the famous Magaluf beach resort as its’ playground.

The campaign’s theme is about London cool kids on holiday in the Mallorcan resort, famous for its’ wild nightlife, foreign clientele and flowing alcohol. The concept was inspired by the controversial rehabilitation techniques used by the Swedish government during the 90s, that involved youth offenders being sent to popular tourist resorts. Sounds like a pretty good holiday for people who are supposed to be in prison, right? But, prison aside, ‘Magaluf!’ brings two contrasting worlds together with sun, sea and surf as the backdrop.

The photography and styling are PERFECT. A Venice Beach cool teamed with Las Vegas luxury; plenty of colour, flesh and conflicting proportions. The photography is nostalgic but crisp and simple, focusing on the models and their attire. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I really need a holiday right now, but I really REALLY want to be these kids. I have to congratulate EYTYS on such an exciting and different campaign that has come at a time when stereotypes and boundaries are looking to be pushed, broken and thrown into oblivion.

You can buy the publication that features the campaign in the EYTYS Publications Shop, a summer holiday wanderlust inspiration must-have! You can also see a very retro video from the campaign shoot HERE.


Photo By: EYTYS