Bro, Suit Up For Once

Did you know that one in five Swedish men (me included) don’t know how a suit should fit? And that every fourth guy doesn’t even know his own size. Are you one of those guys? Fear not. The Swedish retailer Brothers is here to save the day. They’re going to travel around Sweden to ‘fitucate'(fit educate) each and every guy.

The 5 most important tips for a good looking suit with a good fit:

  1. Always look at the shoulder part when deciding upon a suit. The seam at the shoulder should reach the shoulder.
  2. The arm of the suit jacket should reach the wrist, not longer, not shorter. This for the shirt to be visible about 1 cm.
  3. Do not buy a suit jacket that is too tight!
  4. Make sure to have the right length on the trousers. It should either just about rest on the shoe or end closely above the malleolus.
  5. The shorter trousers should have a slim fit and the wider trousers should be a little bit longer and rest on the shoes.

And how do we go from ‘bad fit’ to ‘good fit’? Well, the expert hands at Brothers will lead the way.

Brothers’ tour stops:
2-8/5 Arlanda, terminal 4
9-10/5 Kista Centrum
11-12/5 Liljeholmstorget Galleria
13-14/5 Täby C
15-16/5 i-huset Linköping
17/5 A6 Jönköping
18-19/5 Göteborgs central station
20-21/5 Frölunda Torg, Göteborg
22-23/5 Malmö central station
24-25/5 Väla, Helsingborg
26/5 Triangeln, Malmö
27-28/5 Emporia, Malmö
30-31/5 Stockholm central station
1/6 Gränby, Uppsala

Photos: Brothers