Bold with Bow

The first time I was introduced to the jewellery brand Bow label was at CPHFW SS17.

We mingled at The Jewellery Room, a happening at fashion week where you can revel in the best of what Scandinavian jewellery design has to offer. I stopped in front of the Bow label display when their interesting design caught my eye. Sophie Antonsson and Josefin Bakos approached me and started to introduce me to the interesting story behind the brand. They told me about the process of building the brand and their Swedish roots – awkward moment, as we had spoken to each other in English up until realising we were all from Sweden!

Bow’s design is focused on reflecting its owners and being an extension of them. Each collection has a unique story and purpose behind it and the pieces can be seen as your personal armor. I really like this mental image, jewellery can be so much more than just material belongings. It can be your lucky charm or your token, filled with personal meaning and value.



The name Bow is inspired from a few different directions. Partly from the traditional bow weapon –  spinning off from the previously mentioned mental image, but mostly from the twenties It-girl Clara Bow. She was an actor, singer and feminist – making sure to express her sexuality.

Bow label is a really interesting brand with its eye-catching yet minimalistic design, conveying a lot of substance. Make sure to take part of their creative universe at Bow Label.