Acne Studios – It’s Raining Men

We all have a love-hate relationship with Swedish summer. But Acne Studios Men SS17 collection will make you like those rainy summer days a little bit more. Jonny Johansson, the creative director for Acne Studios, took inspiration from the mood of Swedish summers when he did this collection. It is a collection inspired by tents and the quiet, romantic summer. To be fair, it is not the most beautiful and mind blowing collection he has done, but it is highly useful!

Unfortunately, cold rain does fall in Sweden, often in summertime, which is why Jonny Johansson made waterproof jackets the centerpiece of his spring/summer collection for Acne Studios. A smart move there, Johansson. The new range has waterproof jackets, knits, sweaters, shirts, tees, sweatpants, bathing shorts, and an assortment of new footwear. And when it comes to the footwear, that too is very practical. The footwear is entirely rubberized, whether it’s pull-on boots with a slight platform and velcro-fastening Mary Janes or a sock sneaker that sits so tight on the foot as if it has been dipped in oil.

The clothes, and primarily the jackets, are inspired by the silhouette and material of tents. And we love the pieces in which the tent-theme is taken to its most extreme. Over-the-head parkas are cut from tent-like materials, and you could probably pitch up for three nights on Everest using the huge and draping ponchos. No joke.

“I was thinking about how empty Sweden is in the summer, and also how romantic,” said Creative Director Jonny Johansson.We looked at tents, thought about nostalgia, and also considered how to evolve the waterproof jacket”.

When you see the collection and watch the mood film, you do get a feeling of nostalgia. It takes you back to rainy, muddy days spent at festivals. The cold, but beautiful summer nights, when you sit all cuddled up in knitted sweaters. It is rare to see a designer creating a whole collection that is really useful, in any weather. And it is something that is needed. Now you can look fab in Sweden during summer, even though the weather may not be so fab. In Sweden, we have a saying, ”There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. And now I can finally agree. Swedish summer and rain, we are ready for you!

Have a look at the video below, get inspired, buy your own waterproof jacket and embrace the rainy but oh so wonderful Swedish summer!

Photos: Acne Studios