Who Wore IT Better? Balenciaga vs. IKEA

Who knew IKEA was so much more than cheap furniture, missing plugs, idiot-proof (questionable?!) manuals and Swedish meatballs. Last year, Kanye West begged to design for the retailer, so far without real success. Instead, the Swedish giant responded by jokingly offering to make him Famous with the “Yeezy kingsize x3 bed”.

Now, IKEA has hit the spotlight again. Their timeless blue Frakta carrier bag has, what seems to be, been copied by the French fashion design house Balenciaga – a brand loved by Kanye’s wife and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

The new bag was introduced at Balenciaga’s first ever menswear runway show, back in June in Paris. In Vogue’s review from last summer, they commented that “Balenciaga had moved on to something new.” Boy, were they correct. It is quite clear that the designer went to an IKEA megastore to look for inspiration somewhere around the many items in the maze we Swedes commonly call “typical weekend activity with the family”.

Oh, and the high-end bag can be yours for as little as 1,695 EUR (IKEA’s = 0,50 EUR).

The ever-so-popular Frakta bags were originally designed by siblings Marianne and Knut Hagberg. They are made from synthetic material polypropylene, making them suitable for uses ranging from waste disposal to storage for clothes.

An IKEA representative told The Local that they are flattered that others find inspiration in the form and function of the Frakta bag.

“The durable Ikea Frakta bag for five Swedish kronor is an appreciated product that has been in our range for many years and we know that the bag is used in many different ways in our customers’ everyday life,” said press spokesperson Emil Eriksson.

Believe it or not, but this is not the last remake of the classic bag to hit the market. Sometime this year, we will see a new version that is designed by the Danish brand Hay, this time in a proper collaboration with IKEA. In this updated, slightly less eye-catching model, Hay has swapped the bold colors of the classic bag for more subtle forest green and white tones.

Photos: Evoke.ie and IKEA.com