Reinvention of Time – TID and Form Us With Love

Beloved Swedish watchmakers TID have embarked on a reinvention of their No.1 watch in collaboration with a selection of artists; first off, design studio Form Us With Love.

‘The goal is to make TID a natural platform for experimentation. Each watch is completed within twelve months and launched in the spring, for collectors as well as new customers to explore and enjoy.’ says Ola E. Bernestål, CEO of TID.

The first collaboration strips the watch down its’ beautiful bare minimums, and I love it.

The Canvas 001 comes in black Swedish vegetable-tanned leather with a white face and removable strap; pure, perfect, minimalism.

‘We wanted to highlight the qualities of the design by reducing all decorative elements, bringing out a solid character, using a pure white silhouette.’ says John Löfgren, Co-Founder of TID and Creative Director at Form Us With Love.

The creation is limited to 500 pieces which are all hand-numbered and a must have for any watch collector. Envisioned as a blank canvas, showing that anything is possible, the Canvas 001 is the beginning of a series of collaborations between TID and other artists that will take place yearly and be unveiled at Salone del Mobile in Milan – on launching the watch yesterday, Clara von Zweigbergk was announced as the designer who will be behind Canvas 002. Clara’s design work is full of colour and shape so we’re very interested to see what comes out of the future collaboration.

Every iteration of the watch will take a year to produce and the public will be allowed to follow along with the design and creation of the watch. Beginning in 2012, TID has grown steadily as an independent watchmaker and carved their path with simplicity, minimalism and class. Customers like the functionality and nostalgia of analogue as well as the clean, no-fuss aesthetic. Each Canvas 001 watch comes in a white sleeve with its’ serial number written by hand that matches the hand-inscription on the wristband. The vegetable tanned leather strap is very soft, environmentally friendly and uniquely full of character and life, combining comfort, fashion and versatility. Another added factor is that the watch his water-resistant upto 5ATM (150ft/45m) which means that you can swim in a swimming pool and the sea with your watch. Although this may seem like a minor detail, timepieces are becoming ‘lifestyle’ pieces than just for telling the time, so it’s another excuse for you to not have to take it off.

The design of the Canvas 001 is so pure, understated and interesting that it screams louder to me than any diamond-encrusted watch out there. With each purchase of the limited edition watch, customers can opt-in to receive a book about the Form Us With Love studio which is another reason this watch is such a special collector’s piece, and a necessary purchase for those who live and breath design. As a lover of neutral colours and simple but long-lasting design, TID and FUWL have caught my attention, and I can say that I really do want AND need a Canvas 001 on my wrist.

The Canvas 001 is available to buy in two face sizes (36mm and 40mm).

Photo By: TID