Let’s Binge-Watch Saks Potts Season 7

The Danish fashion brand Saks Potts is on its seventh season, and just like with all those really good Netflix series we want to binge-watch this season. Or however you’d translate that into “fashionlingua“.

The lookbook photos, at least the edit of them, send vibes of something created by Cherry Cobra Films, a little 70s retro entangled in modern glam, like Astrid S in her Breathe music video. Scenic landscapes, retro furniture, and wooden walls.

Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks created their womenswear brand back in 2013 and design to transcend seasons. Their collections are inspired by youth culture, contemporary art, and surprising materials, and their aim is to make the wearer feel “beautiful in a slightly avant-garde way.”

Photos: Saks Potts