This Man Ran Naked with Horses in Iceland

American photographer Nick Turner did what we all wish we could do. He flew over to Iceland, stripped naked and ran around the scenic landscape with horses. Yikes, my jealousy is boiling over.

We decided to ask the artist a couple of questions, some of those us Nordic people surely wonder. Why is he naked? Why does he love Iceland (yes, we all know why but we want to hear it, again and again)?

I understand that you’ve been frequently visiting Iceland since 2011. What is it about Iceland that is so special to you?
Iceland is probably the most inspiring and naturally active place I have been. You can feel the energy of the island while there. It’s humbling sometimes to be in such vast spaces that are undeveloped and not overly populated by man. I think for me, my mind goes quiet in spaces like this which is not often these days.

this man ran naked with horses in iceland nick turnerWhy do you come back?
I live in the present in Iceland when I am there and that’s probably one of many reasons why I keep coming back. Besides image making and my work, I have been going back recently to surf. It has some world class waves and the people are so nice there. Though I have noticed a spike in tourism and people the last few trips, places like Vik seem incredibly busy with tourists and buses which really was rare when I first started going to Iceland. I hope it doesn’t continue too much.

You have both drawings and photos of horses in your portfolio, why this animal?
I grew up riding and with horses from an early age and they have become the bridge to nature for me personally. It was also a natural thing to bring them into my work as I have always ridden and competed for a while in “eventing”. It wasn’t something pre-mediated, I think the horses just stayed present even once I stopped riding.

Why are you naked in these photos?
My interest lies in nature, man’s relationship to it and human instincts and how closely linked we are to animals. Clothes put things into a social context immediately no matter what style you are wearing, I’m not so interested in that when examining the environment or having a dialogue about it.

Photos: Nick Turner