Men Wear Makeup Too, Not a Big Deal

Whether we realize it or not – men are wearing makeup. Male, female, gay, straight, married or not, makeup is for everyone. We’re so focused on what society is telling us, manly men are not supposed to wear makeup so we ignore it and choose to not see that they actually do. If you think the pressure from the beauty industry only applies to women, you’re wrong! Men feel the pressure too on how they present themselves and how they are perceived by society. The truth is, if you pay attention to the men around you, I promise you that you’ll notice a little bit of concealing here and there, which is totally normal. I support every makeup brand with a strong belief in those who can change the beauty industry and break the norm – and MYEGO is one of those brands.

MYEGO, a makeup and skincare brand made specifically for men’s skin to boost confidence and empower the everyday man. Every product is created with all natural ingredients for the most natural and healthy look, to tackle every man’s skin concern which makes it even better.

“Our goal is to make everyone feel empowered to take care of their skin, to be confident in who they are and what they believe in” – The Myego Brothers

In addition to their amazing makeup range MYEGO recently launched their Surface moisturizer wich contains a nourishing blend of white tea, cucumber, and wild Canadian willowherb will sooth, hydrate and protect the skin all day!

Instead of ” beauty shaming” each other for the way we choose to apply or not apply our makeup, let’s empower and inspire each other, both men and women! 

This quick tutorial will show you how to use MYEGO’s line for a natural “I woke up like this look”.

MYEGO is vailable at, otherwise, you can buy makeup at Kicks, Sephora, NordicFeel, Lyko, Åhléns.

Images: Myego 
Featured Image: Tom Ford Makeup