A Letter About Love, Cynicism and Apathy

Is the fashion industry becoming your best friend or the mean girl in sixth grade?

We’ve talked about feminist trends, we’ve seen how the “giants” are doing their best to appear (or indeed sometimes actually be) environmentally conscious and non-discriminating. In one way it always feels like crap that the big companies, in some ways, use CSR to reach out to our hearts, whilst they still don’t actually change their structure. On the other hand, it makes me happy that maybe us consumers and the recipient has a little power anyway, at least on a superficial level.

Whether it is good or bad that big companies commercialize our contemporary problems I still had the feeling that the fashion industry had started to move, to change.

I thought, “wow it happens now”. Things will change. We’re seeing more diversity at the fashion weeks, the brands have to listen to our demands a bit more, and it seems that they’ve understood that the good things, like feminism and eco-friendly materials, sell. I kind of semi-hate the last thing, perhaps my cynicism should be a bit more nuanced and that I should be happy for the little things.

But what if everything is just done in order to make more money? What about creativity? What happens to new fashion talents with no budget at all? What happens when Stockholm is super-centralized and no one even bothers to get out to the suburbs? L’Homme Rouge got tired and moved to Malmö. Amaze didn’t present any talents at FW Stockholm AW17.

And there we were, applauding the venus symbol printed on some trousers, clung tightly to Ida Klamborn and kept telling ourselves that Ida Sjöstedt’s clothing is super feminist.

I was happy during the last Fashion Week in Stockholm, I thought that it finally was getting out of its depression. Perhaps I have become a bit too cynical after that, but my initial feeling has faded away. And now I sit here, wondering how many likes I can get if I post a photo of a vagina-shaped cupcake on Instagram, no better than Gina Tricot, Åhléns or Daisy Grace.


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