Kristjana S. Williams | A Magical World

She’s half Icelandic and half British and creates a magical and colourful world made of collages. Limited edition prints, cushions, wallpaper, furniture, pouffes, globes and trays are among Kristjana S. Williams’ designs and production.

Kristjana S. Williams grew up in Iceland – the country where the nature, the sea and the sky seem to be an artwork made of millions of layers of constant change in colors and texture depending of the time of the year and the weather.

She moved to London at the age of 20 where she later studied illustration at Central Saint Martin’s. The adventure really began years back.

“I’ve always had a great interest in illustration and this passion stems from an early age when I discovered maps in a Cartography class at school in Iceland. I used to draw the maps and fill them in, I would imagine where I would go and what I would do and that was the happiest I have ever been.“

Antique books, maps and archives

The years passed and in 2011, Kristjana founder her company in London. “To begin with I would draw most elements by hand but I later discovered the technique of using Victorian engravings which I recoloured and reinvented making them individual. I started to combine these with my old love of maps and was pleased with the result I got. Colour, narrative and shape are all equally crucial components in my work and it is the combination of all of them in unison that I feel make a piece successful.“

Kristjana makes collages with combining images from antique books, maps and archives as well as the latest printing technology. She creates works of art. She creates a magical world.

Forests, flowers and animals

Most of Kristjana’s works are influenced by nature: Forests, flowers and animals almost seem to come alive whether it’s limited edition prints, cushions, wallpaper, furniture, pouffes, globes or trays. She gives the pictures cut out of antique books, maps and archives new life. She has even made artworks that are a part of a book published in 2015 called The Wonder Garden. It’s a winner of the English picture book award and shortlisted for the National book award and Blue Peter award. The book has been translated into 10 languages. Apart of the book, Kristjana has won numerous awards including the Clio Award, the D&DA award and a first prize at New York Festivals Grand Prix.

“I’m excited to put my artwork into a new stationary range which will soon be released at Harrods. Aside this, the studio has numerous exciting projects and commissions which are taking shape which I can’t wait to see evolve. I will be exhibiting my work at The Other Art Fair in March which takes place at Victoria House in London.“

They sell Kristjana Williams’ design in various countries: Iceland, soon in a gallery in Sweden, England France, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Tailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka. You can also buy her design in the company’s webshop.

Kristjana Williams show at the Map House, Knightsbridge, on 18.09.2014 6pm


Photos courtesty of Kristjana S. Williams

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