I Got My Heart a Bit Broken, Again

Recently got my heart a bit broken. How can a heart be “a bit broken” you wonder? Well, you know nearly-headless-Nick in Harry Potter? It’s like that. Hurts like a motha fucka! (Excuse my French)

Just to be done with it, let’s make a list of all the true, but at the moment oh-so-meaningless cliché comments our beloved friends use to try to cheer us up with!

Just a tiny reminder when you are sobbing against your pillow and wondering why your best friend hasn’t arrived with the candy she promised and isn’t tucking you in under a big blanket – to have friends that care like that is worth gold! You are not the lead in everyone else’s life. This can seem harsh and heartless when your face is red and puffy from all the tears, but it’s still true. So a BIG fucking round of applause to the people who have been there for you when you have been a heartbroken, grumpy, life-sucking pessimist shadow of yourself.

With that said, IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD. Let someone pat you on your head and listen to you cry until you feel like you have no tears left. Fall asleep out of the pure exhaustion of dealing with the fact that a vital organ inside of you is broken. IT HURTS!

I know that it feels like someone put out the sun in your life. It’s dark and you feel like you have nothing left to smile for. I am now going to give you the life hack that you are going to hate me for: It’s all up to you! No one can drag you out of that pit, except you. That is pretty much the opposite of what you want to hear! Maybe you feel like saying, “Be a bit supportive, it feels like a big black hole is opening under my feet“. Well, here’s your mission –  don’t fall into that hole!
In the beginning, it’s going to be huge and pop up all over, but eventually, it will shrink and become smaller and smaller. You will fall, but you can’t stay there. Being broken does not give you a get-out-of-jail-free-card that allows you to lay in bed all day, with the blanket over your head, feeling sorry for yourself. Sucks right? I know!

The truth is, that all of those clichés listed above are actually true. And the best, tried-and-tested, healing cure for a broken heart is… drumroll… TIME! Fuck, that’s a disappointment! Even more important is what you do with that time. Fill your days! Make a routine! Set your alarm clock!

Oh! And for the love of god, don’t call the person that dumped you! You are reasoning with yourself that “If you just could talk to him/her/it, get to explain and get it out of your system, you will feel better!” HARD FAIL! That person is gone. They won’t help. Your best friend, your security, the person you would discuss something like this with is no more (ouch ouch ouch ouch, fuck, shit, ouch, hurts). Deal with it! Talk to someone else, write, scream, or pet a dog!

And some of your lovely, and in this case, oh-so-dumb friends are probably going to say “Exercise! It releases endorphins that make you happy!” *smileyface*
ERRRGH! My reaction – Drop dead! If you are that kind of person, I bow to thee! I’m going to try to take a walk or two but I can’t make any promises.

So, how to sum up? Well… Ouch! It’s going to get better, but right now it sucks! Let’s just put on something fancy, go out and grab one drink too much and make out with someone.

Photos: Pinterest