Human Love

Ren Hang’s exhibition Human Love can be seen at Fotografiska in Stockholm, last day today. RUN! 

Ren Hang was born in Chang Chun, North-Eastern China, in 1987. This February he left us. But his art still tells something important with the nudity, bodies and transparent honesty.

“My art doesn’t try to interfere in China’s politics, it is China’s politics that is interfering in my art”
– Ren Hang

Ren Hang’s work is very intuitive and he said that his photos get their meaning only after they’ve been portrayed. The pieces contain a mix of nudity and the different shapes and forms the human body can take. It doesn’t feel sexual at all, it is like the bodies are desexualized but still in a very clean form. But worth knowing is also that this exhibition at Fotografiska is “censored” due to China’s customs policies.

It’s very interesting to see all of these portraits from an artist from China, where public nudity is illegal. To look at the human body so incredibly naked in front of you, it’s an honest moment.

Exhibition curator Pauline Benthede wrote that Ren Hang’s artwork is clean and not very complicated, it breaks free from conventions and social structures. She also mentioned that the images have some similarities to the surrealism we can see in Guy Bourdin’s art.

The fact that Ren Hang has left us is a great sorrow and loss. Our thoughts go to his loved ones, family and friends.

Photos from here.

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