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Good Conscience Consumption

Where can you find a pair of silver sequined pants for 30 SEK? Or buy a hat from the 1950’s that becomes your main accessory on the beach this summer? The answer –  probably in a small, and slightly moth-smelling, shop on a corner.

I’m talking about second hand shopping of course! For all you fashionable ladies and boys out there, that have been developing some mad shopping skills since your early teenage years – if you haven’t already mastered the art of vintage and second hand shopping – now is the time!

As you probably know, one of the biggest benefits of buying second hand is the saving of environmental resources. But if you are a self-centered individual (and most of us are), and your answer to the argument “you are contributing to a better world” is “it’s so insignificant so it doesn’t matter” – Here is a list of garments perfect for second hand shopping, that you might find more convincing, you selfish bastard! (just kidding)

  • Why buy a pair of new jeans and pay extra to get that artificial “used look” with the right wash – when you can get the real deal in a vintage store. Jeans and jeans shorts are really advantageously to buy second hand. Often you can find brands like Acne and Levi’s for the fraction of the sum.
  • Scarves! You want to do something new with an outfit? Add a colorful scarf. My favorite is to do a creative turban or tie it around your head real 1950’s style.
  • SHOES! If you are really lucky, or have freakishly small or big feet, you can find really interesting and unique creations. Recently I found a pair of flat black beauties with a kind of furry collar. Looks like a pair of morning slippers you can wear outside. How much did I pay you ask? 80 SEK. WIN!
  • Buy your presents second hand! Your loved ones get a unique gift that you have put some serious time and effort into (cuz you probably have flipped through x amount of racks with all kinds of motley clothes) and in that way your friend also helps the environment (at least that’s a good selling point if your friend starts criticizing you for being a penny-pincher).

So, poetically expressed –  find your little street corner and spend less while giving more.

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