Fashion That Lasts 4ever?

With a degree from KADK in Denmark and the H&M and ELLE Newcomer Award 2015 on his list of achievements, Giorgi Rostiashvili is now a well-known name for many.

His well-thorough design gives the everyday look a new face and the pieces are always well-processed, which is something that characterizes all of Rostiashvili’s collections.

A strong feeling of integrity can be seen in his creations, you can spend a lot of time just looking at them and constantly keep discovering new things. At first, it all feels kind of basic but the hyper-processed pieces take the everyday clothing to a new level. Androgyny is something that is captured in all parts of the summer/spring lookbook which is nice. The collection is not very influenced by the typical features for the season, and instead, has darker colors and thicker materials. It makes me wonder if maybe we can skip this trend/season based wheel that the fashion industry is working within and focus more on garments and real hand-crafted design. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an obvious contradiction, of course, but the focus on collections that can last a bit longer is worth emphasizing. Either way, this collection affects me in a positive way, and that could just well be because it feels long-lasting.
Well done, Rostiashvili.

Images found here.

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