FindersKeepers Design Market in Stockholm

This weekend saw no sun in Stockholm. But it was a bright and joyous couple of days anyway, because the Danish design market FindersKeepers came for a visit. We, of course, had to go, and were lucky enough to find lots of great inspiration.

Finderskeepers is an indoor market concept, where design, fashion, and art all blend together. It is a place where innovative design meets clothing, luxurious jewelry, and unique artwork. This year the market will visit Stockholm, Copenhagen (6-7 of May) and  Aarhus (3-4 of June).

Getting a chance to talk to the designers and artists is one of the best parts of FindersKeepers.FindersKeepers is all about the art of handcrafting. These photos are obviously not from the market, but Louise Egebro’s print design is heaven so I had to include them anyway.


Photos: FindersKeepers and Louise Egebro