Everyday Sustainability: The Best Tips

In our post “Everyday Sustainability“, you got to know many of the changes you can make in your everyday life to be more sustainable.  Though it all may seem overwhelming at first, it’s all about the little progressive changes we make, and we think hearing what other people actually do in their everyday lives, can give some motivation and get rid of any intimidation. Check out what different things our team does in their personal lives to act sustainably!


Photo courtesy of Atelier Doré

Isabelle Å.– “I almost always take a bike or train, instead of bus and car! I also eat 80% vegetarian.”

Siri – “I recently started to bike everywhere, so freaking nice. I also eat a vegetarian diet, and buy eco/organic food and try to eat less dairy. I am also the ‘you have to sort all your waste, and you have to recycle!!’- kind of friend.”

A tip from Siri: “Always try to combine your clothing for less consumption. Find a nice piece second hand, and use it in multiple ways!”

Jonas – “I’m a hardcore waste sorter!”

A tip from Jonas: “If you eat meat, at least look for organic and locally produced products. I also recommend second hand/vintage shopping, it’s fun!”


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Brigita – “I buy a lot of things in bulk (e.g grains) and use reusable produce bags when shopping (smaller ones for veggies and bigger tote carrier bags). I rarely buy something new, unless it is an absolute necessity (kitchen appliances, books, home décor – I buy all on ebay).”

“As for wardrobe, I am a hardcore minimalist and I have about 30 core pieces that I wear on a regular basis, so I rarely buy something new, again unless it is an absolute necessity.”

“I compost most of my food waste and give it away to my local community garden manager. As for broth bins – I always have a huge container in my freezer where I dump all veggie scraps and make my own broth!”

Johanna – “When I shop clothes I always look what materials is in it. Try to buy clothes with few materials, and materials that is possible to break down, then it is easier to make new garments of them when you are tired of the fit. If you have a t-shirt with three different materials in it, it is hard to separate the materials and make new things from them.”

A tip from Johanna: “It’s hard for many to eat 100% vegetarian (especially when you live with a meat-lover as I do…), so we eat vegetarian 2 days a week, and always buy organic or locally produced food.”

Isabelle N. – ” I’m a hardcore waste sorter as well, and commute by public transportation as much as possible (am going to buy a bike). I barely consume any dairy products and only buy locally produced meat. I also donate old clothes and shoes!”


Photo courtesy of It’s My Darlin

Marta – “I buy everything secondhand, try to limit plastic bag use to a minimum, plus tote bags are super fashionable! I try to always buy organic and locally sourced, as well as being good with no waste in the environment when out and about. Also, biking is my life and best friend!”

Elfa – “I separate plastic and paper from my trash and recycle all bottles. I also try to limit plastic bag use as much as possible!”

Signy – “One TED talk that you might find interesting is a girl that shows all the waste that came from her consumption in 3 years. It was one jar! Mind blowing, she explains how she did it.”

Video Courtesy of TED Talk

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