Björk Releases the Stunning VR Inspired Video for ‘Notget’

Last year Björk premiered a new video for ‘Notget’ off her most recent album ‘Vulnicura’ at Iceland Airwaves in November. EVERYONE loved it and the video also made an appearance as part of the ‘Björk Digital’ exhibition that was showcased across the world last year and finished at Harpa in Reykavík in December. Having visited the exhibition myself while I was in Reykavík at the end of last year, I was super excited to hear that the video had been released!

The video was directed by the photographers and filmmakers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones. It was also another collaboration with her co-creative director and general creative extraordinaire James Merry. Merry has worked in partnership with Björk since 2010 and produces all of the embroidery and masks which is a part of Björk’s stage costumes, as well as collaborating on and masterminding a host of digital content too.

Seeing the video in full VR mode is something else to behold as Björk dances around you in an underwater dream world, pictured as a light-charged creature, surrounded by tentacles and light-trails. The underwater monster theme connects perfectly with Björk’s and James’ love for nature and in particular globsters (unidentified organic mass that washes up on shore). Sadly the newly released video is not available in 360 mode, but it is still a stunning display of the ability of VR and CGI technology, as well as the amazing creativity and endless possibilities that emerge from Björk and her creative team.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!


Photo By: Björk